If you need customization, please contact me and customization will be completed in 0-3 days depending of project complexity and render time.

Please provide me all informations about your needs – exactly which text, slogans, images and/or videos you want to have in final video.

Provide me technical details for your final video: resolution, file format and compression. If you’re not sure about details I can suggest them to you.

If your files are too big for sending in email, I can provide you ftp account for files exchanges on through my server.

In customization price is NOT included price of videohive item! First you have to purchase project from and then send me a message from my profile page.

The rates:

  • 1. Simple replacement of text and media – Extended license price of the project on videohive. It’s between 120$ - 200$
  • 2. Minor modifications to the project – $250 (e.g color)
  • 3. Major modifications to the project – $350 (e.g duration or animation type)
  • 4. Using the style of the project to create a completely diffirent one – $500
  • Please note that first you have to buy the project on videohive and these prices i stated just for customization and might very depending on your request.

**If you need a completely new design and animation, first contact me and provide all the details before asking the price.

Feel free to contact me for any question you have.